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Twitter For Business – The value of a follower

By Quinton

In their 2016 Customer Insights Survey, Twitter partnered with Research Now, an online sampling and data collection company based in Texas, USA. They surveyed 5450 people from all around the world that followed small-medium size businesses on Twitter.

In this short article I will highlight a few of the key results of the survey. Of the 5450 people surveyed 90% use Twitter at least weekly and 57.6% daily. Another interesting finding is how often people see content from Small-Medium size business, 31.1% daily and 29.9% every time they check their Twitter feed.

66.6% of the respondents have discovered new small businesses on Twitter. I will share the link to the survey at the bottom so you can find out how people are finding these new businesses on Twitter.

The next few results are good news for small-medium size businesses, this is what happens once someone finds a new business on Twitter:

  • 73.4% follow the business after discovery
  • 33.2% Retweeted a Tweet
  • 29.5% Tweeted at the Business
  • 38.6% shopped at the business
  • 25.4% made a purchase

If you remember nothing from this article just remember the last point 25.4% of people made a purchase directly after finding a new business on Twitter.

What the survey revealed is that Twitter is a powerful tool for Small-Medium size businesses, and even though you need to Tweet at least 3-10 times a day to keep your followers engaged, and respond to Tweets and direct messages, investing the time or getting someone to do it for you will in increased revenue and brand awareness.

You can download the survey here: Customer Insights 2016: The value of a follower

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