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The Most Underrated Marketing Technique for your Store? Emails!

By Quinton

In the market place right now Social Media marketing is a really hot topic, it seems like around every corner there is a new platform to master and some guru that claims he or she has all the answers. I myself am trying to learn as much as i can about Social Media and how i can use it to build my business as well as my clients businesses.

Even tho social media is the future many people are neglecting email marketing to build there business and build relationships with their customers. Also you are not in control of any of these social media platforms and they can change he rules anytime they want to (eg.Facebook change the algorithm for organic reach)

When you build a email list you are actually creating an asset that you are in control of. In this article by they highlight some of the reasons that email marketing is still on of the most profitable marketing tool.

The Most Underrated Marketing Technique for your Store? Emails

This is a great article which gives you all the statistics and ROI of email marketing.



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