14 Marketing strategies for Small Business

Marketing is the most important business function, because good marketing leads to sales. In this video online marketing expert Justin Bryant from www.selfmadesuccess.com shares 14 Marketing strategies for small businesses. Even though the video was made in 2016 it is still relevant today:

Here are a few of my notes:

1. Start out on one or two strategies for traffic
2. Create Local Business Pages, Google, Yahoo, Bing
3. Blog
4. Eliminate and Prioritize – Focus on being productive
5. Start a Youtube channel
6. Build a email list
7. Give people fewer choices
8. Analytics
9. Automation
10.Social Media Marketing
11.User-generated content – reviews, comments, forums etc
12.Facebook or Bing PPC ads
13.State the benefits of your business in one catchy sentence
14.Put yourself in the customer’s shoes

Hope you enjoy the video and can start implementing some of the strategies today.