The State of Email Marketing in South Africa

Email marketing is an important tool in any businesses marketing tool, we have all read the articles saying that it is the most cost effective and reliable way to market your business. Even I have made a short video highlighting the benefits of email marketing.

But does it work in the South African market? Here are some facts about email marketing in South Africa, I got the information from a survey and research done by Everlytic in 2015, 5190 people were surveyed.

Email Marketing in SA

  • 84% of people read their email 1st or 2nd when they go online
  • 65% use email to share important information
  • 60% prefer to get news via email

The survey also discovered a few reasons why people will open your Newsletter.

  • 65% will open an email if they recognise the name.
  • 49% will open an email because of an enticing subject line.
  • 53% will open your email if you refer to them by name.

So as you can see it is important to get people to opt into your newsletter by giving them something of value so that they remember you. Also make your headlines unique and capture people’s names as well as their emails.

  • 63% of people prefer to receive their promotional messages via email
  • 65% of people under 20 use email, they use it to stay updated with fun and entertainment.

The statistic that really excited me was the fact that in 2012, 46% of people said that they bought something because of seeing it in an email, in 2015 that figure increase to 64%.

Another important fact is that in previous years women bought more online but the survey showed that this has evened out in recent years.

In conclusion email marketing and selling your goods and services online in South Africa is in good shape and is constantly growing. In fact if you are not taking advantage of the internet and email marketing, it’s safe to say you are not in business 🙂