Ways to Promote your restaurant on Facebook

As we all know, Facebook is big, and it is a great place to promote your restaurant. In Africa there are 120 million active user, with 12 million of those active users being in South Africa. That’s a lot of potential business, what’s even more exciting is that Facebook allows you to market your business on their platform through fan pages and Facebook advertising. In this article we cover some FREE ways to best promote your business on Facebook.

Create a Fan Page

The 1st step is to create a fan page, get your customers to like your page. In this way you build a community of people that like your restaurant. Remember to post regularly and get your fans engaging on your page.

Give away something of Value for Free – Recipes.

Giving away recipes is a great way to promote your business, people are always looking for quick and easy recipes they can try at home. They also love to share these recipes with people they think will enjoy it or who they think are good cooks. So let your chef post a few of his or her best recipes.

Run a Fan Recipe Contest

Let your customers post their best recipes, this is a good way to get engagement on your Facebook page. Offer a great prize like cooking lessons with your Chef, a cook book or a dinner for 2 at your restaurant.

Use Quizzes

People love to answer questions, this is good way to get people active on your page and also show your customers you value their opinion.

Here are some examples of questions:

How often do you eat dessert?

What is your favorite dish and give some options?

What is your favorite starter?

How long should you boil an egg? Give multiple answers

I think you get the picture, any question that will get people engaged.

Use Prize Draws

Competitions can be the best way to build a responsive and targeted email list from scratch. Offer a prize like a meal for 2 plus a bottle of wine. People love to a win things and it creates excitement among your exciting clients as well as attract new clients.

To enter the competition people will have to enter their name and email on a landing page that you can easily create with various software or get someone to set it up for you. Once your email list is built offer your subscribers special offers, discounts and keep them up to date with the latest news in your restaurant. You can also share recipes, cooking tips and write profiles of your staff and chef.